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The LWC firm was Founded by Langston White - a financial planner that has left the proverbial corporate plantation to pursue a life in consulting, bringing the mindset of financial freedom to the people. As a seasoned business coach, Langston specializes in helping his clients prioritize their vision and stay in alignment with it through their actions. Shortly after the official opening of the firm, Langston brought on Akeela - his fiancé & owner of Akeela & The Beehive - to help meet the administrative needs of his clients. It wasn't long before Akeela’s role expanded to overseeing all operations and marketing at LWC. Currently, they are operating as partners in the business of helping people find their way to financial freedom #PowerCouple. 

We specialize in helping business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs escape the trap of exchanging time for money through counseling, consulting and coaching. Through our process, you will spend time intentionally manifesting your goals and planning for them. As a result, your ventures will become more profitable, meaningful, focused, and all around successful. Every week we will get together to produce strategies that will allow you to reach your goals more easily - giving you the freedom to focus on delegation, automation and execution.


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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm US EST

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